I've been a body piercer for over 7 years, performing from basic to some more advanced piercings.


 Additionally I'm also a laser technician, fading tattoos for over 6 years. I was trained by 'Lynton' and I'm currently using a Lynton machine.

I'm always working towards further improving my knowledge and skills with the goal to offer comfort, quality and safety.


One way I achieve this is by critical thinking, speaking with piercers all over the world and taking part in discussions in professional forums.

I started attending classes at the UKAPP conference in 2017 and intent to continue as I have a keen interest to learn more, no matter how long i've been piercing I don't want to ever stop learning. 

Although i'm not currently a UKAPP / APP (US) member I like to take a lot of my influence from their guidelines and the opportunities to learn that they give.


From an early age I was interested in the "unusual", one thing in particular caught my eye; the different cultures with their adornments, decoration and rituals, I wanted to learn why and how.

Later on this obviously manifested into a keen interest in performing body piercing, I continue to learn why people want it and am grateful to be able to offer a large variety of customisation which enables me to cater to those individual and unique needs,

whether you find yourself drawn more to the punky or sophisticated look, I aim to provide.

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